Grow Your Business Directly from Facebook

Smartflex helps small businesses and entrepreneurs reach highly targeted audiences using custom Facebook Fan Pages that generate leads.

We will maximize your social marketing efforts by implementing cutting-edge strategies that engage your visitors. How? With a complete social media marketing campaign:

  • Create and Capture Leads
  • Build Your Email of Newsletter List
  • Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website
  • Generate Sales Directly From Facebook
  • Videos, Polls, Twitter, Email Opt-Ins & More

Together, we can determine the best combination of strategies to move your business forward!
Contact us to learn more.

"In just the first week since Smartflex launched my Facebook Fan Page Website, over 45% of my new subscribers are from FaceBook." ...more

- Joy Houston,
The Delicious Revolution

"I love the mini site Smartflex created for my Facebook Fan Page!" ...more

- Alexis Ahrens,
Baby's Little Log Book

"btw, the page looks AWESOME. Amazing stuff. Really impressive" ...more

- Omar Passons,
San Diego Park2Park Shuttle

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